It’s my first blog post ever written in English. To be honest one of main reason why I’m writing it is to improve my English skill. For years I have just used it in a passive manner, but that is not enough. As with many skills it has to be actively used for it to improve. So please correct me if I make an mistake, as it is sure that mistakes will be made on many occasions. Hell, I supposed quite a few have been made in this first paragraph of my first blog post.

But to the point. It’s strictly introductory post, so probably at least few words about who I am and where I came from should be given.

I’m just normal guy that have every right wing view point on the world. Introvert by nature and not every sociable hence love for written form of communication, as it isn’t as tiresome as other forms of communication.

In past I was active participant in online discussion forums. Then I found out profound hatred for right wing thinking. And people on the right were treated almost as personification of evil itself.  That was one of there reasons why I think that online discussion forums are waste of time and health. One think though was learned by me from times when I was more active.

If they think me evil, why not embrace it fully?

That is reason why I call myself “ten zły” which can be translated to English as “the evil one”. I’m not gonna apologize for what is right in my opinion nor do I plan to be polite and politically correct. On the contrary I will embraces the names they call me with great pride as it was some kind of badge of honor.

I think that is enough for introduction, because to be completely honest I write it for myself just because I enjoy writing.